GROWing Up and Becoming a FarmHer

So yesterday, November 6th, instead of being in my photography class or working my normal evening shift I was about 300 miles north of Springfield MO and good old Mo State in Ames, Iowa. I even had my typical partner in crime with me, my sister Jess. Why Ames, Iowa you may ask? Simple we chose to grow (see what I did there!) and were at a FarmHer conference.

For those of you who are unaware of FarmHer I’ll give a quick rundown. FarmHer is an organization that works to spread the stories of women in agriculture and how important they are to the ag industry. They have an online presence in addition to hosting conferences like the one Jess and I went to, BUT probably one of the coolest things they do (or at least I think so) is partner with RFD-TV to produce the show FarmHer. Now some of you may be thinking RFD-TV what’s that? or isn’t that a channel for old people? Well let me tell you, RFD-TV is a good chunk of the television watched in my family (especially when Dad has the remote) and I know of quite a few other people that regularly watch it too! Here’s the link to the about us section of the FarmHer website, it’ll do a MUCH better job than I could ever do at explaining what they do!

So this conference was a one-day event at Iowa State University, but one simply cannot teleport straight into ISU so Jess and I got to take a roughly six-hour road trip the night before. Talk about “bonding” *coughnappingcough* with the sister. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any embarrassing pictures because I was being a responsible driver, but there’s always next time. Anyway! The conference was SO AMAZING we got to hear from so many great ladies that are here online talking about agriculture. While I had met Natalina Sents before, at a different event, it was during her 50 state road trip so it was really cool to hear about it now that she’s wrapped it up.  Cristen Clark talked about things she wished she’d known in her 20s and not only were they very helpful, surround yourself with people that believe in you, they were also a reminder that not EVERYTHING current is greate, aka Find 90s Country Music STAT. The last person of the day was someone I’ve been following for a little while now (thanks to the friends who told me to do so), Dairy Carrie. To hear that we are the future of ag and sharing its story is so empowering (and ya’ know a little TERRIFYING) . Also, you’ve got to find your fight song, your passion. Hopefully, I can live up to the expectation!

Also, I got to listen to an amazing panel of women and meet some really cool girls that are going to change the world one day. Even got to see how interconnected the world is, let’s just say the world is a lot smaller than you realize, even for teachers (NEWS: Teachers don’t get shoved in a closet when school isn’t in session). FINALLY, I actually WON SOMETHING which NEVER happens. It’s a traveling book called Lean In and I cannot wait to crack it open, but first all my grad school work.

I’m going to end by saying if you ever get the chance to go to a conference like that GO, DON’T LOOK BACK JUST GO (I know that’s a reference from something but I can’t for the life of me remember). It’s amazing and you’ll meet amazing people and walk out feeling guess what …………………. AMAZING!!


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