Graduation, Brazil, and Earning a Masters

So I’ve been pretty busy since the last time I posted. I had the end of my final semester going on and earned my B.S., I went on a trip to Brazil with the College of Ag, worked, and I’ve started work on my masters which is going to be a beast unto itself. I’ll be honest, I also got writer’s block and couldn’t come up with new content that I was happy with. But I’m back now and I’ve (kind of) got a plan!

Oh, I also adopted a dog from the humane society, Miss Lorrie, as in Turnpike Troubadours’ Good Lord Lorrie.


So the end of last school year was crazy, I honestly can not believe I managed to graduate in three years! I didn’t get to take time and soak that in though because literally three day’s later I was on a series of flights to Brazil with four other girls and two teachers from the College of Ag. I was only there for a week but it was beyond incredible to be able to go and see agriculture in Brazil. I had a blog dedicated to each day of our trip as a part of my coursework for the Study Away trip, here’s the link but I will probably end up writing a post on here about the trip as well now that I’ve had time to soak it all in.

After Brazil, I went to work as a lifeguard at my 4-H camp (I’ve been going for as long as I can remember) after camp was over I was working for my 4-H Youth Specialist in the office and just generally being another set of hands. My summer wrapped up with an internship at the Missouri State Fair. I worked under the Youth in Agriculture Committee to help with the Sale of Champions, really loved being there every day once the fair was open because of all the fair food!

Almost immediately after that school started back up. However, I was not there, well not the very first day anyway, I decided to stay home and see the solar eclipse since my home was in totality but school wasn’t.

Now that I’m back to school it’s been weird, I’ve gone from taking 18 credit hours a semester down to nine, but now I’m doing research for my thesis paper so that is going to take up A LOT more of my time! I am taking a photography class this semester so at least I have that to help keep me sane, besides Lorrie I mean. It’s weird to think that Mid Term has just passed, it feels like just yesterday it was only the beginning of September. Also, this means the due date on my lit review for my research is getting closer and closer, but I try not to think about that too much.

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I even came up with my own logo/watermark for my photos, circle flying B, not only does it look cool but it’s the brand I would like to use one day with any cattle I may have. I feel like there’s a lot of other stuff that’s been going on but I can’t remember what it was so I guess (hope lol) that it wasn’t super important.

I can see no better way to end this post than with a song about Lorrie, so here you go.


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