A Friend Down Life’s Rough Way

As someone who didn’t have many close female friends back in high school I never really thought about joining a sorority, and when I did I thought it wasn’t for me because I was a tomboy who cared more about my animals than my looks.

But I had a friend who was a few years older than me and when I got to college she told me I needed to show up to Sigma Alpha info night for recruitment week, so I did. And then didn’t go to any other recruitment week events because I still thought that it wasn’t for me, and honestly that many girls kind of freaked me out. But a friend from back home and I made a deal over winter break, that if one of us went through recruitment we both would (even if we were at two different universities) so I showed back up for Spring recruitment. Even though I was still a little unsure I stuck with it and not only went through recruitment week, but I became an MC (membership candidate) and later an active member.


My Big and I never can take a serious picture.

Being in a sorority has been sort of like everything I expected, but also it has been NOTHING like I anticipated. While I do spend so much time surrounded by my sisters and have so many shirts with letters or for our events, I have also met some amazing people I never would have known otherwise and I’ve had so many experiences I wouldn’t have otherwise. If it weren’t for being in Sigma Alpha I wouldn’t have met my amazing Big, who is a plant science major to my ag. comm. and is in agronomy club while I’m involved in Collegiate 4-H (we even share the same birthday!) I’ve also had the chance to have two littles of my own, who are both amazing people who I have so much in common with but again wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for being in the same sorority. Which would mean I would have no one to pawn off all of my canvas creations on (while an amazing stress reliever, you can only keep so many with out looking crazy).

Part of the reason I love Sigma Alpha is its focus on agriculture. As a group of women who are going into the agriculture field, or are just passionate about it, to have a group of like-minded girls around who all believe in the same thing is incredible. This also means that we really get involved and tailor our projects to focus on agriculture. I’ve been able to go into the Boys and Girls club and talk to kids about the dairy industry and where their milk and butter come from and I’ve been able to go and help clean up a locally run community garden that donates all its produce to local food pantries.



Never thought I would be one to “through what you know”.

I’ve developed skills that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise, and I’ve had experiences that I never would have been even close to being involved in had I not joined Sigma Alpha. As a professional sorority, Sigma Alpha really works to help us develop skills to help us in the professional world and make contacts and connections that could help us down the road. I’ve also realized that having this many sisters/friends isn’t the scary drama filled thing I expected. If anything I now have a stronger support system for anything that comes my way, whether it be work issues, life troubles, or that class that seems impossible to pass, I know I can turn to them for help (and the occasional discounted textbook).


I’m going to wrap this up by saying that I know sororities aren’t for everyone, heck for a very long time I thought they weren’t for me, and that’s okay. But if you’re on the fence about joining or even just curious and want to learn more, reach out and talk to members so you can make an informed decision. Heck, you never know it could turn into one of the best decisions of your college career.

A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. -Unknown


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