The Daunting First Post

Now if you were to ask any writer, in any medium, I bet you they would all say that the first work that they know will be published and put out there for the entire world to view is a pretty daunting and intimidating one to try and sit down and write. For me, this is no different, if anything I probably am up there with those that are super afraid and worried about how their message will be received, but I will carry on and write anyway.

This first post is coming to the world a mere, five minutes into this blog’s existence, but hey you’ve got to start them young right? I will also be completely honest about the fact that even as I’m typing this I’m not entirely sure what I want to talk about, but I’ll start with a little bit about myself.

My name is Sarah Bishop, I’m currently two months and a few days shy of my twentieth birthday, and am the oldest of three children. I am currently in school at Missouri State University to get my undergraduate degree in agricultural communications, and a little over halfway there. I love Springfield, but it is definitely a big difference from my hometown back in central Missouri. Back home my family lives on quite a bit of land but most of it, we rent out to friends and local farmers anymore. However, I have grown up seeing all that central Missouri farmers go through, crop shortages, bad poultry scares, and those winter days when you pray that the calves haven’t come. Seeing all of this from a young age and being an active member in 4-H and FFA has brought me to love agriculture and all it can accomplish. It has also opened my eyes to all that the world doesn’t know about agriculture and how it’s not only my obligation but my privilege to share ll that I know and am learning with others who don’t know what farmers and other agriculturalists have to go through each and every day.

I guess the purpose of this blog is to do just that, show what agricultural life is like, and that isn’t just talks about cattle, corn, and tractors, it’s also things everyone goes through, loss, love, and all to often a lack of sleep (thank you college). This is going to be a journey and I hope that you find a little something you didn’t have before on the way.

“A farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”   -Will Rogers


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